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How Dealers Like You Are Finding More Opportunities

Even in the most competitive markets, opportunities to sell more cars are out there—if you know where to look.  

All sales start with a lead, but not all leads start with a submitted form. If you're waiting for a customer to submit a form or call your store before you reach out to them, you might be missing ready-to-buy opportunities in your data right now.    

In fact, consumers classified as “ready to buy” by CRM artificial intelligence tool Connect Automotive Intelligence were nearly 10.8 times more likely to make a purchase within 30 days than consumers with inconclusive Buying Signals. 

Watch the videos below to learn how dealerships across the country are using new strategies, processes, and tools to find and follow up with more opportunities.  


Dave Maurer, Customer Care Manager | Motorcars Toyota 


Andy Guelcher, General Manager, and Scott Risley, Digital Marketing Manager | Mohawk Honda 


Kevin Patterson, Vice President | Nourse Chillicothe Automall  

Learn more about how your dealership can start finding better leads and making better deals.

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