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Call Tracking

Staff Accountability = Customer Satisfaction

The Challenge

With salespeople making more and more customer calls from their mobile phones, it is harder than ever for dealers to keep track of the hundreds of customer calls made and received by their staff every day. It’s even harder to make sure that information is used to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

How We Solve It

Call Tracking allows dealers to track and record every customer call — inbound or outbound, from any device. Calls are logged directly into customer records in Connect CRM , so staff are held accountable and customers are satisfied.

Watch In Action

Learn how the team at Infiniti of Lafayette uses Call Tracking as a coaching tool that boosts results.

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Product Features

Improve customer satisfaction with informed conversations

Improve customer satisfaction with informed conversations

View a full log of customer conversations quickly and easily, with automatically logged and stored calls that will give you the info you need to turn conversations into conversions.

See all a full view of customer activity

See all a full view of customer activity

View complete customer profiles, histories and vehicle preferences alongside call records in one view in Connect CRM, which fully integrates with Call Tracking.

Connect with customers from any device

Connect with customers from any device

Quickly identify and dial customer phone numbers with just a tap, from anywhere, using the Connect Mobile dashboard. Log and record calls from any device, not just desk landlines.

Manage with confidence

Manage with confidence

Increase accountability among your team and improve customer experience by regularly reviewing conversations and notes logged in Connect CRM, which managers may access at any time.

Let us show you how Call Tracking can help keep your customers satisfied and your employees held accountable.

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