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Increase leads from my website

Is your website working as hard as it could be?

54% of shoppers visit a dealership’s website before they visit in person.*

It can be frustrating to compare your website traffic to your incoming phone calls and online lead form submissions. Why aren’t more of those website visitors reaching out to you for more info on the cars they’re looking at online? There are a lot of places where potential customers can fall through the cracks of your website, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  

A customer who is actively shopping provides a wealth of information via their browsing history that can help you learn what interests them and encourage them to buy. The key is to put CRM processes and integrations in place that equip your salespeople with that information. Then they have the opportunity to proactively reach out and turn web browsers into buyers.  

*Source: Autotrader/Kelley Blue Book, Car Buyer Journey, 2018

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