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Clean up my data

Tired of wasting time and marketing funds on bad data? 

Bad data can cost companies 15% to 25% of revenue.* 

When your CRM is littered with incomplete, duplicate, incorrect and out-of-date information, it creates a ripple effect throughout every part of your business. Inaccurate data results in lost leads, wasted marketing dollars and strategic decisions based on faulty premises. 

The problem often starts with multiple systems in the dealership that aren’t integrated. When you have to keeping entering and reentering customer data, you’re creating opportunities for introducing errors every time you move to a new platform. And, of course, it’s not a great use of time for your staff or your customers. 

Then there’s the expense. Every duplicate record in your database equals duplicate emails, mailers and phone calls to the customer they represent. Each record with incorrect or missing contact information wastes marketing dollars or reduces your opportunities to stay in touch with that customer. 

Skip the dirty data drain with tools that minimize error and maximize efficiency.   

*Source: MIT Sloan Management Review, Seizing Opportunity in Data Quality 

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