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How much are bad marketing campaigns costing you?

101% higher email click rates can result from segmenting a customer base.* 

How many times have you sent out a direct mailer and found your mailbox stuffed with yellow-stickered returns the following week? Or sent a bulk email and watched your inbox fill up with all of the ones that “bounced” due to bad email addresses? 

Those are the most obvious examples of wasted marketing effort, but what happens with the marketing communications that do reach their intended recipients? Are you sending the same offers to your whole list over and over, but experiencing diminishing returns? 

Clean, complete and up-to-date CRM data can help you segment your marketing campaigns and target your highest-value customers to maximize both your marketing ROI and their lifetime customer value. 

*Source: Effects of List Segmentation on Email Marketing Stats, MailChimp

VinSolutions has a performance manager that was engaged, that was talented, and that would really challenge us.

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