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Wondering what it takes to make customers enjoy shopping with you?

41% of buyers are frustrated with the time it takes to complete a purchase.*

As the pace of modern life increases, your customers’ willingness to spend an entire day purchasing a vehicle decreases. In fact, customer satisfaction begins to decline after 90 minutes at the dealership.  

That satisfaction nosedives even more if your dealership isn’t equipped to bridge the gap between a customer’s online or phone-in shopping experience and their visit to your showroom floor. More than half of buyers contact the dealership before walking in the showroom, either by phone, email, text or online chat,** yet many dealers are failing to acknowledge those past conversations in the sales process. The extra time it takes to repeat questions and re-input information can increase customer dissatisfaction, which could lead to lost profitability, from losing the sale, future business or both.   

The solution? Improve in-store processes to be more efficient and respectful of customers’ time. 

* Source: Cox Automotive, It's About Time 
**Source: 2018 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study

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